Leg raises for core strength

A step-by-step guide to improve stability and strength in the supine, prone, and prone-supine positions.

Leg raises are a type of exercise that can be done while lying down, standing up, or in various positions such as prone (facing downwards), supine (facing upwards), or prone-supine (facing both upwards and downwards). These exercises help to improve core strength and can be done with just your body weight, making them accessible for people of all fitness levels. Here is a detailed breakdown of how to do leg raises:

man doing leg stretches
LIE DOWN on the ground with your hands by your sides and your legs fully extended under your hips or knees. You can also curl your head, shoulders, and upper back on the ground for added stability. It is important to perform this exercise on the ground rather than on the back of a chair to avoid causing any back pain.
BEGIN BY sitting with your hands by your sides and bending your knees so the soles of your feet are pressed against the ground. This position, known as a deep lunge, helps to create stability. Alternatively, you can place the flat of your foot in the direction of your head so that your heel is facing your back instead of your heel.
FROM THIS seated position, fully sit down by bending your legs until your knees form a 90 degree angle with your feet. Keep your legs under your shoulders and the soles of your feet on the floor at all times, except when you lift one foot at a time.
TO PROGRESS to the next level, stand with your left foot back and your hands on your hips in a shoulder stand position. Place the back of your right foot on the floor, keeping your foot on your left side, your knee slightly bent, your toes pointing straight ahead, and your heels against the outside edge of your stance.
FROM THIS standing position, sit back in your starting stance and lift your left foot as your right foot steps forward. Keep your leg as strong as possible throughout the exercise.
STEP YOUR right foot forward with your left foot firmly planted on the ground, and repeat this exercise with alternating legs.


Overall, leg raises are a great way to improve core strength and stability in various positions. It is important to maintain proper form and to start with a manageable number of repetitions before gradually increasing the difficulty.


For a proper warm-up, user your training jump rope!